After 28 years supplying sofas and beds to South Yorkshire we have come across many questions that get asked again and again. Below are the questions and answers that we hope will be most helpful to our customers. If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please don't hesitate to visit our contact page and we will answer your question as quickly as we can. Many thanks for visiting.

Q.   Do we need to pay our sofa or bed off all at once?

A.    Absolutely not. Whilst we don't offer finance what we do offer is the chance to pay off your sofa bit by bit until it is all paid off and then we will deliver. You can also reserve your sofa by paying a small deposit (usually 10% but we do accept less if necessary for the customer).

Q.   What happens if we change our mind?

A.    In most instances we will order your sofa in if we don't have it stock. If we have it in stock you're more than welcome to change your mind and choose a different sofa. If we have had to order it in our suppliers will normally deliver within 7 days and expect us to pay on delivery. At that point a change of mind may leave us with a sofa we cannot sell, so you risk losing your deposit. What we always advise customers is to let us know within 3 days if they feel they may change their mind so that we may delay delivery until the customer is 100% sure it is the sofa they want.

Q.   What do we do if we are unhappy with some aspect of the sofa delivered?

A.    In the first instance, please call the shop at: 0114 2731115 in order to report that there may be an issue that needs resolving. At this point we will be able to offer advice and the steps that need to be taken to resolve any problem. We will guarantee that we will work on your behalf with our suppliers so that any issue is resolved quickly and to your satisfaction.

Q.   Can we specify a delivery time?

A.    Whilst we can definitely guarantee a delivery day and we will 9 times out of 10 meet a customers needs in terms of delivery, it is impossible to give a specific time as it is impossible to predict what may happen on the roads or indeed at other customers homes. We have had hundreds of different occurences that make it impossible to be that accurate:

e.g - Traffic jams, van breakdown, having to wait for people to go to the cashpoint, having to wait for people to take their front windows out in order to get the sofa into their living room, fitting feet and putting the sofa together for elderly or disabled people.

All of the above and many more reasons are actually regular occurences for our delivery drivers so we ask, in advance, for our future customers patience on delivery days.

Q.   What does the guarantee cover?

A.    The guarantee covers everything structural. If, for instance, the sofas arm were to break or a seam was to come loose then those things are covered by the guarantee. Accidental damage is not covered, i.e: if you accidentally drop paint on your sofa or put a fork through it whilst having you dinner then that is something you will need to claim on your home insurance for.

Q.   Do we get anything for referring a friend? (We're not kidding - we do get asked!)

A.    Well apart from the satisfaction of doing your friend a good turn in the first place we can offer you a £10 incentive if you bring in a friend and they buy a sofa*. When the sofa is fully paid off and your friend has confirmed that it was your referral that brought them into the shop we will give you either a £10 payment or a £30 voucher off another item. You will need to bring your friend into the shop in order to claim your reward.